This is RE

This a tool for conference participants to browse the areas and topics that are covered by the International Requirements Engineering Conference.

More information.

The graph

Nodes represent authors having published at the International Requirements Engineering Conference in the past (2009-2015). The size of a node varies with the number of publications at RE. Orange nodes represent authors who have registered for RE'16 and may therefore be present during the conference week.

There exists an edge between two nodes if authors have used the same keywords two or more times. The more keywords are shared between authors, the thicker the edge between those authors.

The data

We use data from the proceedings of the International Requirements Engineering conference from the years 2009 until 2015. In particular, we extract publication title and year, authors, and author keywords (not index keywords). We use data from the RE'16 registration system to map authors to RE'16 participants. We use this information to enable contact making at the conference.


You can interact with the graph in several ways:

  • Click on a node or edge to see more information.
  • Filter by authors: the resulting graph shows the filtered author and those authors with who he shares keywords.
  • Filter by keywords: the resulting graph shows the shows authors who have used the given keyword.
  • Filter by year: the slider can be used to select the time range included in the graph.

This project is in its initial stages and still under develoment. There exist performance issues (likely with Firefox/Linux). Use Chromium/Chrome for best experience and use the filters to reduce the number drawn of nodes and edges if necessary.

The data is automatically processed and may therefore be faulty. If you have feedback, comments or suggestions, please contact the Web Co-Chair.


Idea and development by Bogdan Marculescu, Michael Unterkalmsteiner and Mikael Svahnberg.