RE@Next! Mentor


I’m the RE Mentor for authors of RE@Next! papers and I’m here to encourage you to consider submitting a paper, and to help you with the process.

I’m the RE Mentor for RE@Next! papers at RE’16 and I’m here to do what I can to help you.

If you are considering writing a paper about an idea related to the area of RE, for which you already have key preliminary results that you want to share, and more importantly, for which you want to receive early feedback from RE experts, then submit to RE@Next! at RE’16.

Furthermore, if you are not sure how to present these partial results, please contact us in the mentoring team. I’m here to advise you or to find the right people who can help you.

In a nutshell, the main interest in RE@Next! is in timely sharing of current research work and future prospects with no current high expectations about final results with a full validation. Papers will be evaluated based on the novelty and feasibility of the idea. the RE@Next! track aims to provide authors with early feedback to help them improve generalizability in a future submission to RE the following year (RE’17). RE@Next! is not about unfinished papers or low-quality results, but about your current work, and what you will do in the course of the next year(s) to make it a breakthrough in RE. The topics of interest are the same as for the Research track.

As indicated at the Web page for the RE’16, a paper in the RE@Next! category should:

  • have 2 to 6 pages that describe the current status of ongoing research,
  • provide in succinct form the information that you would convey in a seminar about your ongoing research work to a fellow academic visiting your department,
  • present the long-term directions and prospects of your researc endeavours,
  • serve as a trigger for establishing new collaborations with like-minded colleagues, and
  • lead to a full research paper, to be submitted to the next conference RE’17

Good luck with your papers. I look forward to receiving your paper drafts.

RE@Next! Mentor

Nelly Bencomo
Aston University, UK