China RE Industry Summit

Dates: September 17-18, 2016

Venue: Beijing Friendship Hotel



The world is experiencing radical transformation with emerging technologies, such as Big Data Analytics, Internet of Thing, Virtual Reality, Cognitive Computing, etc. This brings us enormous opportunities, and also some challenges. And requirements engineering and business analysis are critical part of solution in this transformation.

We, a group of volunteers from academic and industry community, are working on promotion of requirements engineering to achieve the following goals.

  • To foster requirements engineering research;
  • To promotes requirements engineering best practices; and
  • To define a roadmap for requirements engineering and business analysis professional growth and development.

For this purpose, an international requirements engineering academic and industry summit will be organized in Beijing on 17-18, September 2016. The summit is co-located with the 24th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference and follows the conference’s theme “Delivering Value through Better Requirements”. In this summit, we would like to invite researchers from academic community and practitioners from industry community for technical communication and idea exchanges.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Requirements engineering in the context of cognitive computing, internet of thing virtual reality, big data, cloud technologies, etc.;
  • Design thinking, user experience, innovation in requirements engineering
  • Agile requirements engineering, lean approaches;
  • Business analysis in collaborative economy, crowdsourcing
  • Industry experiences, training, technology transfer;
  • Large‐scale requirements engineering, product lines, product management, value chains, software ecosystems;
  • Global and distributed requirements engineering;
  • Traditional requirements engineering topics: domain specific requirements engineering (e.g. embedded systems, safety-critical system), requirements engineering in systems engineering, quality engineering and formal techniques, tools for requirements engineering (esp. collaboration and social networks);

Moreover, academic-industrial exchanges, industry solutions, excellent practices sharing, the most challenging topics of general interest from industry are the specific focuses in the summit.

This summit is a joint event of ACM SigSoft-CSOFT, CCF-TCSE and IREB@. The Key Laboratory on High-Confidence Software Technology (MoU), Peking University will host this event.

Preliminary Program

  • 4 keynote speeches (2 for each day): Academic thought leaders, Industry through leaders, Senior executives in famous enterprise
  • 4 parallel sessions (2 for each day) for sharing the RE practice and experience
  • 1 RE-related product, tool and service demos for exhibiting the Industry-level application techniques
  • 1 interactive panel
  • 1 university-enterprise exchange forum